A Better Progress Report: Using Google Forms to communicate learning

The purpose of a report cards is to explain progress to students and their parents. However, they do little to communicate learning.

As a teacher I’ve found them limiting in what it is I’d like to share. As a parent, I find them confusing.

The report card is efficient. I can fill them out for my 120 students in about 2 hours. To do an effective job explaining how each student is doing in all of my classes would take me days. However, we now have the tools to do so much better job, thus making the traditional report card obsolete. Now, students can share their progress, their thoughts on their progress, and links to their work.

The video below explains how students can use Google Forms with the add-on Forms Publisher to create a personalized progress reports similar to the one included above.


Form Publisher allows up to 100 files a month. If you have more than 100 students you may want to purchase a license.

Here is a link to both the Google Form and my Letter

14 thoughts on “A Better Progress Report: Using Google Forms to communicate learning

  1. Aaron, I just discovered this post. Wow! I’ve been having students self-assess, but had not found a way to share it with parents. I love the way this links to student samples. I can’t wait to share this with our teachers. Your blog is a gold mine!


  2. This is fantastic and I am excited about the possibilities. Can you please open permissions on the Google Form in the Publicly Shared Folder? Thank you so much for sharing your gradeless journey.

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  3. Hey, mr. Blackwelder! I just got the chance to read this post, and it is really good! I hope everything is well with you and I will be updating a few blog posts soon. I hope you get to check them out!!!

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  4. Aaron, I. Am. So. Excited!!! I have created a template, a form, tweaked the heck out of both of them, and I’m reeling with the idea that this can create so very many possibilities!!! THANK YOU! This is such an awesome tool, and I think students, parents, and I will all LOVE it!


  5. Aaron, I cannot find Form Publisher on the Chrome store. ?? I tried “add ons,” “extensions,” and nothing that looks like what you show here comes up. Harumph. I really want to try something similar for conferring with students at the end of the quarter (we start this week already – crazy fast).

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  6. Aaron, this is great. I usually do specific comments directly to the students via their final submission of the quarter/semester. What I like most with your post is the feedback ‘report’ that the students prepare. Insight…I froze when I saw google docs. For some reason I have a block to using Google Docs. Another thought is that I recognize that doing the Google Docs will mean tripling my work load since I already use PowerSchool and Schoology to load grades and assignments.

    But, that said, I still have an anxiety about using Google Docs and I am not sure if it’s an ignorance, fear of learning something ‘else’ or what.

    Anyway, Happy New Year to you and all the other TG2 members.


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